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9th March 2012

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She ignored the clinks and the clanks, the shattering of glass and the spillage of chemicals. Instead, a new look of anger that screamed ‘you dare question me right now’ spread across her face and instead of a verbal explanation she instead held up the crumble balled note and tossed it towards the blue-furry-chemist. 

“Check it for yourself. He totally blew off our Buffy Marathon too!” she seethed, hiding beneath her mask of anger, trying to convince herself that he must have only left today and that he did indeed blow her off for this and it wasn’t something that he had left to do a few days in advance. In truth, she was actually dreadfully worried. 

Hank’s head pulled back instinctively with the sudden flash fo white tossed at him, but he caught the paper deftly, and took a peek, slipping on his reading glasses. After a few seconds, her looked back at Kitty, his face now more understanding and concerned. “Mendez, Mexico? That area is a high drug war zone. If he’s doing a job there…” He pulled his glasses off, putting them on the table and nodding. “Alright, we’ll go, but I have to let the professor know, and we need more than just you and me, in case.”

“Professor, there’s a situation. Lance Alvers has gone to Mendez, Mexico for a mercenary contract. It’s possible he might be in serious danger, with the drug cartel activity. I have Kitty, and we’re both ready to go any minute, but we might need more help for this one. Please let everyone know that help is appreciated and needed.”

He walked past Kitty, gesturing for her to follow. “Come on, and get into your uniform. Meet me by the X-Jet in five minutes.”

When the Professor received the very-sudden message, he found himself worried about their forces—lately, they had been quite dry for participants, and who was remaining had scarce little power… with the exception of a unit or two who were either in no shape for fighting or highly un-trusted.

It shall be done, the telepath assured, moving to make an announcement over the PA.

"X-Men; we are at a dark hour. One of our fellow mutants has taken a grave risk, and needs our help—those of you suited for a mission, suit up and meet by the X-Jet. Lance Alvers could be in very serious peril."

As soon as the PA shut off, the old man sighed quietly, face in one hand, and took in a steadying breath. “Let’s hope we’re ready for this.”

With that, he beat a quick path to the X-Jet to meet with the others.

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8th March 2012

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Hank was noticeably taken aback by the dark recalling of the events that has transpired during his absence. He gave Charles a particularly concerned look upon hearing that a certain pyrokinetic mutant has shoved him down some stairs. He was quite curious as to what had brought on the event, but he understandingly kept his questions to himself. he was obviously worried with the news, and tentatively took another drink from his mug, which looked far more like an espresso cup in his large meaty hands.

A furry eyebrow perked with the mention of the ‘troubling presence’. He put the mug down, shifting from his relaxed position to one that was far more attentive. “You know me, Charles. I’m all ears. What’s going on?” He questioned, hoping that with some more information, he could offer any help he possibly could. It was his nature, and there was no way he could ever betray it.

Surely, Hank would be one to worry—the giant could have only ever been described as soft, as he seemed to be no more a beast than a massive stuffed animal on most occasions. What McCoy did not anticipate, however, was Charles’s bitter reluctance to address his own issues before those of the collective found their solution.

And frankly, the ‘trouble’ he spoke of would be with Rahne and the students who experienced the matter before the Beast’s arrival.

"We have adopted a man into our midst who I do not frankly trust as far as I could possibly throw him—seeing as he is taller than you are, if not as wide." When he finished with what may have been a mild attempt at humour (one never quite knew with Charles F.), he turned his eyes quickly up to the blue-furred person before him. "He was involved in the capture and torture of Rahne Sinclair, and depowered her for some months before a recent deal made with Forge to re-introduce her own X-Gene. He is obviously a very skilled scientist, but I have no idea the degree of trouble he could cause should something you’ve lying around here fall into his hands. I want you to keep close and careful surveillance on all of your belongings, and I want you to keep an eye out for him as well. Forge is going to mainly be in charge of him, but he is not to interact with the students unless supervised, and he is not to cause any riotous happenings at any cost.”

When he finally broke his pattern of speech (always thought-out beforehand to the point where he would not have to break for breath), he shook his head. “I only got a brief look into his mind, but what I saw there, I wish I could forget. He is unstable and dangerous; a veritable snake within as much as he is, throughout.”

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8th March 2012

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The Big Blue Teddy Bear: [F2F] Hank/Xavier - Catching Up →


It was late in the morning, and the early afternoon view of the ocean was easy to see from the windows of the dining room. The bright blue skies were clear of any clouds, making the horizon absolutely beautiful. Ah. One of the things he had missed the most, other than his family. There was something about this place that just made life seem so much more livable. Perfect for the depressive blue beast.

If there was one drink Hank was good at making, it was coffee. The smell of the ground roasted beans brewing in the machine was one of his favorite parts of making the beverage. It didn’t take him long to prepare two tall cups of perfectly brewed coffee, which he took over to the table.

He placed one cup in front of his friend, Charles Xavier, before taking a seat, himself. He sat casually, one leg resting over the other. He took a gulp of his coffee, letting out a contented sigh, then asking, “So how has life been to you and the institute, Charles?”

When seated in his study, the Professor never could help that strange, lethargic feeling of contentedness… the crashing of waves against a sky’s tinge with scarcely a cloud overhead… the subtle glow of a morning sun just barely peering in through the windows…

Even the recent wear-and-tear on the old man’s psyche as of late could never dampen how much he loved this room.

When Hank set down his cup of Joe, the telepath offered a quiet, taciturn thanks in a slow nod, reaching eagerly for the beverage; the first thing he had missed about mornings with Professor McCoy, and the thing on the forefront of his mind, even if the rest of it still buzzed ever-restlessly.

The thought of how ‘life’ had been on him recently caused a bitter laugh to halfway scoff itself out. “Frankly, I’ve seen much better days—as has this place. I can’t begin to tell you that everything has been stressing me to the point of losing sleep (including the residence of a certain fire-starting demon who has made peaceful coexistence something of a challenge), but please; I don’t want to have to drag you down with me.”

That much he promised—he didn’t want to torture his only real friend in this place with all his trifles.

"I will leave it at the fact that Allerdyce tossed me down the staircase in the foyer, and I didn’t suffer; please do not try to force me to expand on the matter." He paused, then, for a sip of his coffee, and a deep sigh. "Other than that, times have been stretched bare-bones thin as far as our force, and we have been attacked because of it. Needless to say, we have suffered; the children have been coming and going like flies to refuse, and it is difficult to keep tabs on those who have left—and those who remain are still yet untrained, for the most part. I just thank the graces of God, himself, that Kurt and Rahne have stuck around… even Logan has disappeared once more, and I fear that we will not be prepared, should another attempt at our forces arrive."

Trying to lose the dismal expression on his face, he shook his head. “But we can expound on each subject as it comes, my old friend; my real interest is not on niceties, but the arrival of a  particularly troubling presence to this place, and what we have invariably agreed to do for this person. If you’ve an ear, I shall indeed explain this matter.”

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